Public Notice


The Newton and Walton County Clerk of Courts, their staff, or the Newton or Walton County Sheriff's Deputies will not call jurors that have failed to report for jury duty service and ask for personal information such as social security number, birth date, bank account number, or credit card information.  It has been reported that scammers trying to commit identity theft have been contacting potential victims and telling them they failed to report for jury duty.  They ask for confidential information for "verification" purposes and if the information is refused they tell the potential victim a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Scammers are also telling citizens they owe a fine of $1500 to $2000 and to buy Green Dot cards, give them the card number off the card and bring the card to the Clerk's office. THIS IS A SCAM.  Do not buy Green Cards or Give Money, Bank Account or Personal Information over the phone.  There have been reports of this scam in Newton County.  Please report phone scams to your local police or sheriff's department.