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Effective October 6, 2023 – Order Regarding Electronic Recording and Use of Cell Phones in the Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr., Judicial Center

Effective October 6, 2023 – Pursuant to Uniform Superior Court Rule 22, electronic recording shall not take place in any courtroom of the Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr., Judicial Center unless permission is granted by the judge in that courtroom. See the link below for Rule 22 and Request to Record Proceedings.

Cellphones are allowed in the judicial center but must be turned off prior to entering any courtroom and remain off while in the courtroom in order to avoid disruption of court proceedings. Anyone who needs to turn on his or her phone while in the courtroom must ask permission of the judge presiding in that courtroom at that time.

Any person violating any term of this order may be held in contempt and punished by confinement in the county jail for up to 20 days, imposition of a fine up to $1,000.00, or both.

Click the link shown below for a copy of the order entered.

Order Regarding Electronic Recording and Use of Cell Phones in the Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr., Judicial Center

Regarding Use of Electronic Devices

Rule 22 – Regarding the use of electronic devices in courtrooms and recording of judicial proceedings has been amended effective May 1, 2018.  Rule 22 and Request to Record Proceedings

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         The Court expects you to speak to your clients BEFORE you are called in front of a Judge.  It takes time out of the Court’s schedule to have attorneys called before the Judge and then ask for time to go and speak with their clients.  All Judges want this done PRIOR to the Judge taking the bench.  At least 30 minutes or more is wasted per person when the Court has to wait on attorneys to contact their clients during the actual calendar call, and it disrupts the flow of criminal court proceedings and the Court’s time and resources.”

        The Georgia Department of Corrections has provided the information below related to Legal Conference requests for attorneys with clients in the prison system.
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