Real Estate Division

Real Estate Division

NEW – Newton County Superior Court Clerk’s office in conjunction with the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) is pleased to offer the Filing Activity Notification System, FANS, providing Georgia citizens with tools to monitor activity regarding their property and records. Click here for more information.

Newton County was first established in 1821 and was formed from the Land Lotteries of 1805, 1807, 1820, and 1821.  The Clerk of Superior Court’s office houses all the real estate records dating back to 1821.  These records are available to the public with some books remaining in storage and not easily accessible.  The indexes to the records are hand written from 1821-1982.  In 1983 the Real Estate Indexes were made digital and are available for view on computer printouts as well as on computer search terminals within the Clerk’s office.

In 1993 the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) was established with the legislated mandate of implementing and administering a statewide central index for UCC filings.  The Clerks’ Authority website now has a statewide search for UCCs, Deeds, Liens, Plats, and Notaries.

Please visit for details on the Clerks’ Authority as well as for subscription information and search capabilities.

PT61 (Real Estate Transfer Tax Form) is required for all land conveyances including, but not limited to, warranty deeds, deeds of gift, QCDs conveying title, estate deeds, and divorce based transfers.  Before submitting your PT61 form you must have the map and parcel number for the land being conveyed.  Please visit the tax assessors office website to obtain this information:

Click here to file your PT61 Form:

HB 974 has an effective date of July 1, 2023. However, filers are urged to adopt these requirements as soon as possible.

NEW!! The Clerk of Superior Court’s Office is pleased to announce the new eCertification services that provide users the ability to electronically request certified Court and Real Estate Records 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  A trip will no longer be required to the Clerk’s office to have a paper copy certified. The public can now access this new online service. PDF Download Click here for more information


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