Court Information

Magistrate Court Home Page

Office Hours:       8:00am - 5:00pm

Days of week:      Monday thru Friday

Closed:                  Saturday and Sunday

                              (and observed Walton County Holidays)

Location:              Walton County Government Building

                                303 South Hammond Drive  Suite 116

                                Monroe, Georgia 30655

Main Number:      770-267-1349  (automated attendant)

                                Push #1 for General Information

                                Push #2 for Criminal Matters

                                Push #3 for Civil Matters

Fax Number:    770-266-1512

A Magistrate Judge is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

pdf Basic Rules of Court Conduct

The Magistrate Court hears civil and criminal cases.  No jury trials are held in the Magistrate Court.  All appeals are transferred to the Superior Court.  It is the duty of the Magistrate Court to provide an accessible court system to a citizen who may not be that familiar with the judicial system of Georgia.  The process is much simpler, less complex and oftentimes quicker when it comes to having cases resolved than in other courts. In the Magistrate Court it is not mandatory that you have an attorney for the presentation or defense of your case.  Pro Se litigants (persons representing themselves) can present or defend their case, whether it be civil or criminal in nature.   If a matter you are involved in seems to necessitate an attorney, you are the person who has to make that decision.  No Magistrate Court personnel can provide legal advice in any manner to a person utilizing this Court.