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PeachCourt e-filing link and contact information

Georgia Department of Human Resources/Child Support Enforcement

Georgia Legal Services Program

Georgia Legal Aid 

Judicial Branch of Georgia: Self Help Resources

State Bar of Georgia

Family Violence/Temporary Protective Orders/Stalking Protective Orders
Newton County District Attorney's Office Contact Information
(770) 784-2070
Walton County District Attorney's Office Contact Information
(770) 267-1355


Georgia Commission on Family Violence

Certified Family Violence Intervention Programs

Newton County Board of Commissioners 

Walton County Board of Commissioners  

Newton County Sheriff

Walton County Sheriff

Covington Police Department

Loganville Police Department

Monroe Police Department 

Department of Motor Vehicle Driver Services

GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center)
(404) 244-2639

Georgia Department of Corrections

Inmate Information and Records: (404) 656-4661

Office of Public Affairs: (404) 656-9772

Georgia Probation Management (Misdemeanor Probation)

2195 Pace Street, Covington, GA 30014

(770) 788-1388

1112 East Church Street, Monroe, GA 30655

(770) 207-6058

State Probation (Felony Probation)

4186 Baker Street, Covington, GA 30014

(770) 784-2700