Income Deduction Order

Rule 24.11. Separate Income Deduction Orders (A) In all cases in which the payment of child support is ordered, a separate income deduction order stating that the payment of child support shall be made by wage withholding is required, unless: (1) the support is being enforced by the Georgia Department of Human Services; (2) the court issuing the order finds there is good cause not to require such immediate withholding, which includes a finding that wage withholding is not in the best interest of the child, and in cases involving modification of support orders, proof of timely payment of previous ordered support; or (3) a written agreement is reached between both parties which provides for an alternative arrangement. (B) Income deduction orders shall designate which party is responsible for initiating the wage withholding by completing and transmitting all documents and notices required by Title 19 of OCGA, Title 42 of USC, and the Georgia Family Support Registry. (C) If multiple worksheets are used and more than one amount of support is ordered, a separate income deduction order shall be signed by the court for each such amount of child support ordered. Adopted effective June 4, 2015; amended effective August 22, 2019.
Rule 24.12. Required Income Deduction Order Form
Any income deduction order issued pursuant to Rule 24.11 shall be in the following form: 

pdf Income Deduction Order