Traffic Court

Court Location

Traffic Court is held in the Magistrate Courtroom on the first floor of the Judicial Building.


Traffic Citation

Persons receiving traffic citations should appear on the day indicated on the citation for the purpose of entering a plea.


Not Guilty

Persons who enter a plea of not guilty will be rescheduled for a return appearance for the purpose of a non-jury trial.



Persons charged with a traffic violation who plead guilty on their court day should be prepared to pay a fine that day.


Payable Offenses

Certain traffic violations are payable in advance of the court date.  You may call (770) 784-2045 to find out if your offense is payable before court.  Please allow 7 days from the time you were issued the citation before calling.  Have your citation number available for reference.


Failure to Appear

Unexcused absence from court could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest, and your license may be suspended by the Department of Driver Services.


Forms of Payment

You may pay with a money order or cash in the office.  If you pay via mail, a money order is the only form accepted.  You may visit our website at: and pay with a credit or debit card.  Credit and debit cards are not accepted in the office.  Personal checks are not accepted.


You will be required to come to court for the following offenses:


Possession of Marijuana

Driving While License Suspended

Any violation if you are under age 21